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Tarot Readings With Logan

Tarot readings are for the purpose of recieving guidance and clarity on matters of life, love, business & more. If you seek direction, are ready to face truths, and wish to make positive changes - a reading will certainly serve you. Take the first step toward increasing your understanding of the world around you and the voice within you.

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About Logan

Metaphysical Moon Mama

Born a few generations too late, Logan is a rather old-soul who feels called to the arts of healing, divination, and energy. Logan is a former dancer, a jewelry maker, a Stevie Nicks super fan and mother to one fierce little spirit named Belladonna Dove. 

Tarot Reading has been a part of Logan's life for the past 8 years and a recent universal push led her to hone her craft and be of service to others. Logan is certified by the Psychic Healing Academy in Tarot Reading and is a current student of Crystal Healing Therapy.

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