Heal your body, mind, and soul by keeping a piece of love and light with you all day long! Wrapped crystal jewelry is a perfect way to start or continue your healing journey. Both beginners and crystal masters alike will benefit from the effects of keeping a favorite crystal close to your heart. Every crystal necklace is herb & smoke cleansed and moon-charged before shipment so that your unique piece arrives ready for use. Once your crystal necklace has been wrapped and created, I suggest the use of herb smoke, breath, or sun and moon rays for cleansing and charging (No water or salt). I encourage you to leave me a word (or a couple words) of intention with your custom order so that I may use that to charge your crystal. Adding an intention charm will help to remind yourself and your energy to stay focused on your healing path of love and light. Please see helpful information below about choosing your crystal and intention charm. If you have further questions about your custom piece--please visit Deadly Nightshade Designs Facebook or Instagram page and drop me a line. Thank you, wishing you a fulfilling crystal journey!

Hand Wrapped Healing Crystal Intention Necklace

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