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A "Self-Assessment" reading is a 3 or 4 card spread that is meant to help you determine your greatest strengths and weaknesses and how you can utilize all of your attributes to beat life's problems.


When you book this reading please use the fields provided to provide any information you would like me to know about you that will help me provide the most useful guidance and clarity.



For an in person appointment please contact us via our website chat OR Facebook messenger.


Please indicate below whether you would like a written reading or a video reading. Video readings add $5.


-A written reading will be delivered in the form of a PDF that will cover the cards that were drawn, their position relative to the spread, their individual meanings or indications, a summary of their “story” or relationship to one another, and my own interpretation of the cards and how they have advised you to move forward.

-A video reading will be a recorded version of exactly how an in-person reading would take place. The entirety of the reading will be recorded and sent to you via private email link. Please keep in mind that I will edit the video to remove any pauses and maintain the flow of the pertinent information. A transcript of the video is available by request in advance.

-Your written or video reading will be delivered to you via email. Written readings are always delivered within 5 days of order but are often completed within 24 hours. Video readings are always delivered within 5 days of order but may be completed sooner.


Tarot readings are for the purpose of recieving guidance and clarity on matters of life, love, business & more. If you seek direction, are ready to face truths, and wish to make positive changes - a reading will certainly serve you. Take the first step toward increasing your understanding of the world around you and the voice within you.

Self-Assessment Reading

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